Sara Grassi
PhD. student in Mathematics
Research on: Mean-field description of gradient-free algorithms for global optimization and applications to machine learning in biomedical sciences and epidemiology
Mattia Zanella
PhD. Mathematics, University of Ferrara 2017
Thesis: Boltzmann–type and mean–field modeling of social dynamics: numerics, control, uncertainty quantification (Winner of Nicolò Copernico Award 2018 and Anile Prize 2019)
2018-2019 Assistant Professor A at Politecnico di Torino
2019-today Assistant Professor B with tenure at University of Pavia

Giacomo Albi
PhD. Mathematics, University of Ferrara 2014
Thesis: Kinetic approximation, stability and control of collective behavior in self-organized systems (Winner of Nicolò Copernico Award 2014 and UMI-INDAM-SIMAI Prize 2017)
2014-2016 Post-doc at TU Munich
2017-today Assistant Professor A at University of Verona
2020-today Assistant Professor B with tenure at University of Verona

Dario Maldarella
Ph.D. University of Ferrara 2013
Thesis: Microscopic and kinetic models in financial markets
Research: Mathematical finance, agent-based models, kinetic models, Monte Carlo methods

Piero Foscari
Ph.D. University of Ferrara 2009
Thesis: Stochastic and Deterministic Simulation Techniques for Traffic and Economy
Quantitative Analyst & Developer
Financial Software (GmbH), Hamburg, Germany

Giacomo Dimarco
Ph.D. University of Ferrara 2008
Thesis: Modeling and Numerical Methods for Multiscale Hyperbolic and Kinetic Equations (Winner of INDAM-SIMAI Prize 2008)
2010-13 Maître de Conférences en Mathématiques, University of Toulouse, France
2014 - today Associate Professor University of Ferrara

Elisa Ferrari
Ph.D. University of Ferrara 2006
Thesis: Modelling and numerical methods for some problem of interest for the environment
Secondary School Teacher, Padova
Stefano Trazzi
Ph.D. University of Ferrara 2006
Thesis: Efficient Monte Carlo methods for the Boltzmann equation
Responsabile Ufficio Sistemi Finanza e Società Prodotto
BPER Services S.c.p.a

Federica Farinelli
M.Sc. University of Ferrara 2000
Thesis: Numerical resolution of the Hodgkin-Huxley equations of nerve conduction
Postdoctoral fellow/Senior Lab Coordinator
Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Baltimore, USA